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Who is this Fishlips3 Guy?

  Who is this Fishlips3 Guy????

Greetings! My name is Dennis Victor and I am the proprietor of Fishlips3 Jewelry Studio located in an antique and arts district, called Valley Junction, that was once the home of the Rock Island Railroad. The address is: 515 Maple Street Street, West Des Moines, IA 50265. My loyal shop cat Hobo and I can be reached by phone at 515-274-FISH (3474).

History: My life in the jewelry business began in the early 1970s in Detroit, at the age of 17, where I was stringing beads and selling them to my hippie friends. My company was aptly called, “The Beadman.” Working with all natural items from wood to peach pits I made and sold my items to individuals, stores, and distributors.

Around the same time I picked up my first harmonica and listened to my first Blues record  -- remember vinyl? I was hooked and I had the Blues! I spent an entire summer trying to learn to bend a note. After about a zillion hours of playing I woke up one day and discovered that I could bend the notes. I should probably mention that it might not have taken me so long if I hadn’t been tuning my harps in Vodka. The draw notes were a killer!

In the mid 70s I moved to Florida -- have you ever been to Michigan in the winter -- and picked up the fine art of silver and goldsmithing. I participated in a lot of art shows around the south Florida area and even won awards for my fabrication designs. For a while I had a showroom at the Miami Merchandise Mart, but life has a way of changing. Eventually I got married, started a family, and decided it was time to become a serious, responsible member of society.

During this time I still played the harmonica, sadly, just not as often. But I always carried a harmonica with me where ever I went, and I still do today. You never know when B.B King will show up and need a harp player! So I became "A Suit" and managed fine jewelry stores throughout Florida. I earned a degree from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) and became a certified appraiser. Along that journey I stopped making jewelry as often because the "Suit" duties increased. I went to work for a catalog showroom called Service Merchandise where I ran 16 stores in 5 states. I traveled 200 flights per year and tried to be the perfect "Suit." Needless to say, the other passengers on the airplane were not all that friendly when I wanted to play my harp. Look, when you spend that many hours traveling you have the blues, so why not express it! After too many years I quit the business and opened one of my own in the great state of Iowa! In February 2001, I gave birth to Fishlips3 Jewelry Studio that combined my love of handmade jewelry and teaching, all under one roof.

Today: It has now been well over 30 years since I first learned to play the harmonica. If you ever find yourself in a Des Moines area blues club you might even run into me bending a note or two! I am a member of the Des Moines Blues Society, of the Society for the Preservation and Advancement of Harmonicas (SPAH), and of the Harmonica Collectors International (HCI). I have a killer collection of antique harmonicas consisting of over 1200 different styles.

My philosophy is: There is no such thing as too many harmonicas, there is no such thing as bad blues music, and there is just no way I can play country music! Speaking of country music . . . Do you know the difference between country music and blues? The primary difference is this: in country music the dog always dies and the woman always leave the man! When you are singing the blues, the woman always changes the lock on the door, kicks her man out, and he moves in with the dog!

If you have any questions about jewelry or harmonicas AND I am in the mood to answer . . . just let me know. And never be afraid to get a harp and learn to play!

Fishlips3 is your source for Unique, Antique and Exotic Quality Beads, Jewelry and Supplies from all over the World!  

"No Lip Service...Just Great Stuff!"  

My Buddy...Shadow the Cat (the Wonderful Wonderful Cat!) and his

sister Spice will be added.

And HOBO our executive door greater at the shop.