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March, April & May 2017

March, April & May 2017
4 Week Wire Jewerly Class
Product ID : 5264
Precious Metal Clay Intermediate Siver Class
Product ID : 10459
Please call to schedule Class
Precious Metal Clay Silver Class
Product ID : pmc
WK 1 Saturday May 6th 11-1pm - WK2 Saturday May 13th 11-1pm
Cold Connection Multi Metal Bracelet Class
Product ID : mmccb
Please call to set up class
Cold Connection Multi Metal Riveted Cuff Bracelet Class
Product ID : 10217
Monday April 17th 6-8pm & Monday April 24th 6-8pm
Monday May...
Metalsmithing Bezel Setting Class
Product ID : 5241
Tuesday April 25th 6-9pm
Metalsmithing Introduction to Soldering Class
Product ID : 5240
Saturday March 18th 2:30-5:30pm
Saturday April 8th 11-2pm
Metalsmithing Sterling Silver Cuff Bracelet Class
Product ID : 5259
Saturday January 28th 11-2pm
Metalsmithing Copper & Brass Etching Class
Product ID : 2809
Tuesday April 18th 6-9pm
Tuesday May 9th 11-2pm
Metalsmithing Freeform Sterling Pendant
Product ID : 52.60
Class Upon Request
Metalsmithing Wideband Sterling Ring Class
Product ID : 7496
Please call to schedule
Stamping and Cold Connection Class
Product ID : 5483
Precious Metal Clay Copper Class
Product ID : 7495
Wk 1 Tuesday January 17th 6-8pm Wk2 Tuesday January 24th 6-8pm...
Metalsmithing Fold Form Copper 3 Peas in a Pod Class
Product ID : 7498
Saturday December 17th 11-2pm
Metalsmithing Fold Form Copper Pendant Class
Product ID : 7498a
Tuesday April 4th 6-9pm
Thursday May 4th 6-9pm
Metalsmithing Sweat Soldering Class
Product ID : 1234
Saturday March 18th 10-1pm
Thursday April 6th 6-9pm
Metalsmithing Textured Hollow Form Pendant Class
Product ID : 5537
Saturday April 16 11-1pm & Saturday April 22nd 11-1pm
Wire Wrapped Cabachon Class
Product ID : 7859
Please call to schedule class